1. “Why do you watch Parks and Rec? It’s just a ripoff of The Office.”
    People that have only seen the first season of Parks and Recreation
  2. Ty has snapchatted me multiple videos of him sitting in his car smoking weed with Tennis Court playing in the background??

  3. oolongs:

    Beirut - Scenic World

    musictbt I guess

  4. “I mean, really, in 2013 what does it say about a person to cite Marilyn Monroe as an influence? Nada, as far as I’m concerned.”
    Sadie Dupuis on Lana Del Rey’s Tropico

    (Source: thetalkhouse.com)

    Speedy OrtizLana Del Reyi think about this a lot tbh

  5. I wish I knew/had friends that know how to stitch so I could host a Stitch ‘n Bitch

  6. thatblacksnatch:

    This is the part where azealia disappears from twitter for two weeks, comes back with some pictures of her new weave, and makes no mention of the leak that was supposed to happen. My favorite part

    i still love AB but lbr

  7. theteenagedbitch:

Denny’s gets it.


    Denny’s gets it.

    (Source: womanistgamergirl)

  8. kibitzing:

    a seder is a religiously jewish meal but brunch is a culturally jewish meal

    happy passover