1. "We sound possessed on these songs,” says Brownstein. “Willing it all–the entire weight of the band and what it means to us—back into existence.” The result is a record that grapples with love, power and redemption without restraint. “The three of us want the same thing,” says Weiss. “We want the songs to be daunting.”

    Sleater-Kinney’s decade apart made room for family and other fruitful collaborations, as well as an understanding of what the band’s singular chemistry demands. “Creativity is about where you want your blood to flow, because in order to do something meaningful and powerful there has to be life inside of it,” says Brownstein. “Sleater-Kinney isn’t something you can do half-assed or half-heartedly. We have to really want it. This band requires a certain desperation, a direness. We have to be willing to push because the entity that is this band will push right back.”

    “The core of this record is our relationship to each other, to the music, and how all of us still felt strongly enough to about those to sweat it out in the basement and to try and reinvent our band,” adds Tucker. With No Cities To Love, “we went for the jugular.”


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    Laura Mvula - Green Garden

    Laura Mvulafav

  3. whiskey and ginger beer is definitely my fav drink I have had so far

  4. bar experience lolol

    bar experience lolol


  5. Had my first drink ever tonight. It was a greyhound which is like gin and grapefruit I enjoyed it. 

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    i am so tired

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    • Me: *hears hocketing on the Flying Lotus track*
    • Me: I bet this singer is in Dirty Projectors.
    • Me: *goes on Wikipedia*
    • Me: Yeah she's in Dirty Projectors.
  7. How come the only Björk album music critics compare other records to is Vespertine?
    Did you even listen to Vespertine??
    All these reviewers seem to try to pass it off as like “Homogenic but quieter.”
    Don’t do that with Vespertine!!