1. holy-branches:

    owen pallett l Song Song Song

    Let’s sing a song about a woman’s rage
    Sing a song about an empty stage
    A song, a song about how to sing
    A song song song about everything!
    You’re tough, for a girl, and you’re smart, for a girl
    Stop, stop your ears from burning and fill my stomach with your singing


  2. post-twee:

    Gerard Way’s solo album is going to be AOTY 2014, The Black Parade is the worst MCR album, your gods are dead.

  3. first day of classes/choir auditions tomorrow yaaaay…

    h8 school

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  5. trianglegooseparty:

    Sufjan looks different with that beard!

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  6. somefagonyourdash:


    SO IM AT THE BUS STATION AND THIS GIRL TAPS MY SHOULDER AND SHES LIKE “are you the guy from tumblr?” AND IM LIKE “i guess” AND SHES LIKE “i follow your blog and my boyfriend *points at him* saw your selfie page and he said he would fuck you” I LAUGHED SO HARD AND SAID “thanks man means a lot” AND HE JUST SAID “no homo cutie” THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER I LOVE YOU GUYS


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  7. evaunit08:

    your fave is problematic, super-sonic, hypnotic, funky fresh 

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  8. Also I moved into my apartment today here are some pictures of my room

  9. I’m sleepy but when I lie down my nose starts running