1. The other night I had a dream I won this contest to meet Miley Cyrus and sing Adore You with her in a subway station or something and while we were walking there I was talking to her about how I totally got that the message of Bangerz was about conflict of identity and expectations of women and she started crying and saying I was the only person who understood.

  2. Snapchatting my sis

    Snapchatting my sis

  3. jessiewore:

    *some generic ass post comparing azealia banks to another black female that shares no resemblance*


  4. skq:


    (via sufjand)

    St. VincentThe most important video

  5. Have you ever been friends with someone who wears a hat so often that their head looks weird to you when they take it off.

  6. thebittersweetdistractor:

    I know (Acoustic Version)

    Fiona Apple and longtime collaborator Blake Mills, appeared today on a video (posted by Mills’ label Record Collection) playing a beautiful acoustic version of “I Know” in a living room while Fiona is holding the hand of an older woman. 

    musicFiona Applewish I could play guitar like Blake :(

  7. I know Casimir Pulaski Day is like the undisputed saddest Sufjan Stevens song but I think Romulus and The Child With the Star on His Head are serious runners-up. 

  8. in-theshadowofthevalley:

    But I think the real question is

    Beverly Hills or Shack?

    For the title of ‘Worst Weezer Song Ever’? ‘Cause I’d say it’s a toss-up…

    Disco might suck but so do songs with only two chords…