1. Sometimes I like to close my eyes and pretend Avril Lavigne stopped making albums after Under My Skin.

  2. my ex boyfriend let his hair go back to its natural color and got rid of his snakebite piercings and he’s attractive again :-/ :-/ :-/

  3. Has this ever happened to you?

    Your friend is trying to remember someone’s last name and keeps repeating their first name.

    You offer up a last name that you vaguely remember seeing paired with the first name somewhere.

    You think for a few seconds longer and suddenly freeze up because you realize you just named a porn star. 

  4. blackcappedchickadee:

    This weekend both me and my twin learned how to induce a medicinal abortion. Good stuff.

    quality time w/ my sister

  5. “Why do you watch Parks and Rec? It’s just a ripoff of The Office.”
    People that have only seen the first season of Parks and Recreation
  6. Ty has snapchatted me multiple videos of him sitting in his car smoking weed with Tennis Court playing in the background??

  7. oolongs:

    Beirut - Scenic World

    musictbt I guess